Image shows parents walking in a large group across the sunny campus with freshmen and other new students.

We can't wait to meet you!

Regrettably, all campus visits to Rose‑Hulman have been suspended until further notice in response to the ongoing national concerns surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Let's Connect!

Because all in-person campus visits to Rose-Hulman have been suspended, we want to make sure that you as a high school senior have the information you need to decide on Rose-Hulman. Our admissions counselors, faculty and staff are ready to discuss our programs and services, as well as answer your questions. 

Let us know who you would like to meet. We will schedule a time for Rose-Hulman faculty and staff to reach out to you by phone or email. 


What would you have learned about Rose during an on-campus Preview Day? You can start the preview experience now. You can discover our favorite people, places and projects, and . Right now. From wherever you are.

From academics to student life, these videos tell the Rose-Hulman story. Start with the "Welcome to Rose" and move progressively through the following videos or go directly to the subject you want. Start your Rose-Hulman journey here!

At Rose-Hulman, you won’t just find yourself, you’ll find your people. And they’ll change your life. Here's a glimpse of some of our favorite people, projects and places on campus. Discover what your next four years will be like.

Our campus is compact for a reason. Personal attention is always just steps away from wherever you are. our academic buildings and labs in this Google Earth tour.

When Visits Resume, Here's What to Expect!

We will inform our prospective students and families by email and posting on our website when visits will resume. We apologize for this inconvenience, but trust in your understanding of our need to respond to the ongoing national concerns surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In the meantime, we're still doing all we can to provide the individual attention and support that Rose is known for. So, don't hesitate to reach out to our Admissions team if you would like to speak with professors, coaches, advisers or anyone else who can tell you more about Rose-Hulman.

Please do not hesitate to call our office with any questions at 800-248-7448. You can also directly contact your admission counselor by visiting our website:

Resources to learn more about Rose-Hulman

Students and parents take a tour of the Rose-Hulman campus.

PREVIEW DAY (Suspended until further notice)

These large events, offered a few times each quarter, are a terrific first look at our campus, academic programs, and opportunities. Preview Days include Admissions Presentation, Resource Fair, Campus Tour, and a Faculty Fair.

CAMPUS VISIT (Suspended until further notice)

2019精品国产品在线不卡These visits are great for those who prefer a smaller group setting. Your visit will include a tour of campus with a current student and a presentation by an admissions counselor.

Students walk across campus on a sunny day during a campus visit program.

Visitor FAQs

  • Where is Rose-Hulman? We are located in Terre Haute, Indiana - about 70 miles west of Indianapolis. 
  • Time Zone? We are in the Eastern Time Zone (same time as the East Coast) throughout the year. 

How is student life at Rose?

2019精品国产品在线不卡It's awesome! We're known for our rigorous academics, but life here isn't all work and no play. Check out a snapshot of what you can expect to find on our campus.

Kelli Lloyd

Kelli Lloyd

While face-to-face meetings are temporarily suspended, Kelli can put you in touch by phone or email with the professor, coach, adviser or anyone else who can tell you more about Rose-Hulman.
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Contact Us

Office of Admissions
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
5500 Wabash Avenue
Terre Haute, Indiana 47803
Phone: 800-248-7448

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