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We didn’t become one of the highest-ranked STEM schools in the country by talking about ideas. We did it by building them.


2019精品国产品在线不卡You’re smart and you catch on quickly. You want to get your hands right into projects so that you can test what you’ve learned. We built a school that allows motivated students to combine learning with doing—no waiting. A wide variety of minors and numerous opportunities to double major enable you to combine your passions and interests and improve your marketability.

Academics in the News

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Top of Class Students Honored for Academic Achievements

Three images: Rebecca DeVasher, Adam Nolte, Janie Szabo.

Faculty, Staff Honored for Teaching, Scholarship & Service

Image shows top of a decorated student graduation cap reading: "The Next Chapter Begins." President Coons in regalia is at the podium in distance.

Class of 2020 Exhorted to ‘Be Bigger Than Yourself’

Inspiration Through Ideas

2019精品国产品在线不卡Award-winning faculty. Cutting-edge facilities. Academic excellence. Students filled with purpose. It’s a potent formula for creating a global education dedicated to solving the serious challenges of the world today.

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Why Rose? We're glad you asked.

Learn more about why we think Rose-Hulman just might be the best STEM school in the universe.

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Women in STEM

Studies highlight Rose-Hulman for providing opportunities for women in high-paying, high-demand STEM professions.

Rose-Hulman Self-Made Man sculpture.

A Smart Investment

2019精品国产品在线不卡Rose-Hulman ranks among the best in the nation in return on investment, according to PayScale.


2019精品国产品在线不卡Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

- Marie Curie

2019精品国产品在线不卡Polish-French chemist, physicist and Nobel Prize recipient

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